Music Therapy in Prison?

Music therapy can be beneficial to so many types of people at so many different age groups. In class we learned about how music therapy is very prevalent in prisons. Music therapy can be used to reduce mental health problems within patients and even be beneficial in their rehabilitation. A lot of people in the prison system are dealing with mental health problems and music therapy could be a useful tool for their rehabilitation. Music is a very positive part in so many people’s lives that it would make sense to use it as part of therapy. Music therapy, especially in groups, can be used to have positive effects on the inmate’s emotions and behavior.

In one study of 113 prisoners, they measured their anxiety, depression and social relationships. The were assessed after one month, three months, six months, and after their release. There were no other restrictions placed on the group. The prisoners responded to the music therapy positively and were very accepting of the methods. The experimenters also concluded that there was a reduction in anxiety only after two weeks of this type of therapy.

There is also a lot of controversy surrounding issues such at these. Some people believe that therapy and resources should not be provided to people that broke the law and others believe that these people in jail will really benefit from therapy in prison. I understand that some of the people in jail are not going to able to be changed, but a majority of people in jail have some sore of mental illness. If there was a solution, such as music therapy, that could help these people’s anxiety or depression, I think it would be very beneficial to society. These prisoners will be released back into society at some point anyway and if they have a resource that will help them from committing crimes, I think it is a great idea. Music therapy would be a great resource.


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