Hello students, teachers and visitors. This is the main page for the course MMTS023 APPROACHES AND METHODS IN MUSIC COGNITION & PERCEPTION. This course will be given June 12-16 2017 at the Department of Music, Arts & Cultures Studies at the University of Jyväskylä. It is part of the University of Jyväskylä’s Human Sciences Summer School 2017. We are thrilled to participate in this exciting event and can’t wait to meet the students!

Below you will find information about the course’s content, schedule and assessment. Students and teachers can also look at the course page in Korppi for room information.

Learning Outcomes

The student will have a working knowledge of the main areas and research methodologies contained within the umbrella field of Music Cognition and Perception including:

  • Music Psychology
  • Music Therapy
  • Embodied Music Cognition
  • Music Information Retrieval


  • The course is a survey on the main sub-fields of cognitive musicology research.
  • The course features lectures given by several of doctoral students and researchers within the Department of Music, Arts and Culture Studies (University of Jyväskylä)
  • The course introduces students to the department’s research strategy.

Structure of contact teaching hours + assignments

  • Lectures, Group Discussions, Writing assignments (blog posts or learning diaries)


We are offering a choice of two options for assignments. Choose the option which interests you the most.

  • OPTION B: Learning Diaries
    • 20% of final grade

Final Assessment: 0-5 (grades should be posted by July 1)


Departmental Links

Other Music Research Labs and Centres

Societies and Conferences






Introduction (12.06.2017)

Presenters: Marc Thompson, Yorgos Diapoulis

  • Overview of the field
  • Theoretical foundations of cognitive musicology
  • Review of important findings
  • Relationships between arts and science
  • Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Tour of Musica labs (Music Therapy Clinic, Music Motorics Lab, Studio Musica)

Materials for this module:


Music and Psychoacoustics (13.06.2017)

Presenters: Marc Thompson, Pasi Saari

  • Auditory system
  • Sound Localisation
  • Perception of loudness, pitch & timbre
  • Demonstration of auditory phenomena using Max 7 software

Materials for this module:

  • Summer_School_Day_2_2017 (Thompson)
  • timbre_slides (Pasi Saari)
  • Max 7 Example Patches


Music Information Retrieval (14.06.2017)

Presenters: Pasi Saari, Martin Hartmann

  • Introduction to Music Information Retrieval and musical feature extraction
  • Music segmentation and structural analysis
  • Big data and social tagging of music
  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Demonstration of musical feature extraction using the MIRToolbox in MATLAB

Materials for this module:


Music & Movement 1 (15.06.2017)

Presenters: Marc Thompson, Birgitta Burger

  • Embodied music cognition
  • Music performance research
  • Demonstration on collecting movement data using Qualisys motion capture system

Materials for this module:


Music & Movement 2 (16.06.2017)

Presenters: Birgitta Burger, Emily Carlson

  • Dance + synchronisation research
  • Music, dance & personality
  • Demonstration motion capture data analysis using the Mocap Toolbox in MATLAB software

Materials for this module:


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